Geeks with Power Tools

GISTEK.US Networks specializes in hospitality, commercial and custom home network technology services with experienced network technologists recognized by Cisco, Meraki, HP, Ruckus, Tyco-Exacq, Juniper and Microsoft with its CTO a former Microsoft Partner of the Year. Our clients include many Holiday Inn and IHG properties nationally, boutique hotels, RV Parks, apartments, condominiums, restaurants, military, education, city government and custom home owners.
Having installed Wi-Fi and Video Surveillance at hundreds of hotels and businesses, we have honed our skills as geeks with power tools. Our services typically involve network planning, multiple cable runs (we recently ran 22,000′ of Cat6 and installed and tuned 160 network components in 10 days.) We do network closet setup and cleanup, core drilling between floors and rechecking other people’s work with AirMagnet post install testing.

GISTEK.US Networks serves Southern Cal and beyond

Our primary coverage area is Southern California, dispatching from Los Angeles, Orange County and the Inland Empire. We also provide many remote services, managing many wireless and video networks and can assist remotely for planning Smart Automation and assisting in actual implementations.
With over 20 years enterprise network experience we have planned, installed, upgraded and supported Wi-Fi, Video Surveillance and back office networks for hotels, restaurants, schools, military bases and custom homes with most of our work done in Southern California, extending to Northern California, Oregon, Arizona and Nevada.

Spectrum – Carrier- Cable Modem to Fiber Conversion

As bandwidth demands increase, many businesses and hotels are making the move to fiber connections. Most are completely unprepared for the conversion, typically relying on the carriers dhcp service and usually plugging directly into the cable modem with many connections. Fiber gives you one connection and at most hotels, the network is designed to be split into multiple physical networks requiring planning, additional switches and routers, without taking any network connections down. We have successfully converted many properties with NO DOWNTIME. We can quickly quote and be scheduled to meet you on conversion day. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by accepting a conversion without help, using your existing IP address scope. Call us and we will tell you why and how it has been successfully done at many properties. We can also relay horror stories of down time and lost business when it was not properly planned.

Wi-Fi & AirMagnet Tools

Using AirMagnet Wi-Fi tools, we have pre-planned and troubleshot Wi-Fi deployments at hundreds of hotels and businesses (including a 200,000 square foot warehouse,) insuring full coverage in all rooms and work areas for any kind of wireless device.  Having surveyed and installed over 200 Holiday Inn and IHG properties in 2017 with Cisco Meraki products, GISTEK has further established itself as one of the leading technology companies serving Southern California.  

Exacq Tyco Video Surveillance Networks

Several years ago our customers asked us to upgrade and improve their video surveillance. With Tyco Exacq video products, we have been able to utilize customers’ existing working cameras and cable plants, protecting their initial investments while upgrading and expanding with IP Cameras and large storage spaces (typically 8-50 Terabytes.) Whether its a small system, combining systems, covering large properties or multiple properties under one set of screens, GISTEK’s Exacq Video Networks have met these needs at many properties with reliable remote access on iPhones, Droids, and multi screen monitoring onsite or remote management sites. 

Smart Home Automation Products & Services

Many people start an install without knowing all that might be involved, need home network help, (we know Cox and Spectrum really well,) or find a critical part is needed and its not available at Home Depot or Best Buy. We can help. In many home installation instructions, there is that fatal bail out, “call an electrician.” We can help find an electrician in your area and we can do the explaining so you can make the electrical connection, we can then help make the network connection.
Starting with customers and our own homes we have designed and deployed many Smart Home Networks, for lights, thermostat, water, sound, entry and security with Apple and Droid controls from anywhere.

Smart Home Automation HELP

Our automation services will include “how to” videos, device and network planning, access to automation components not carried at Home Depot and traditional retail stores. One of the most popular electrical integration components is 3 way smart switching, one of the most frustrating installs for home owners. First, you can’t get all the parts from Home Depot; we can and will help you plan the necessary Z-Wave and Wi-Fi products from Leviton, Wink, Samsung Smart Things, Nest, GE, Sonos, Schlage, Kwikset, Chamberlain, B-Hyve and other “Smart” network components necessary to automate your home or business. We have converted old, yellowish ceiling lights, or non existent lights to the latest in LED and downlight technology with complete remote access.