AirMagnet Wi-Fi Testing & Troubleshooting



AirMagnet test using Meraki MR33

AirMagnet Wi-Fi Testing, Planning and Post Install

Using AirMagnet Wi-Fi tools, we have pre-planned several hundred IHG properties for proper access point placement. Since 802.11AC was introduced a few years ago, it became necessary to pre test actual deployment to insure guests would get coverage in all rooms, using any device from PCs to iPhones and Droids.
Planning has always been essential in good Wi-Fi deployment and we have used AirMagnet at all our projects for both pre planning and post installs to confirm a valid install. Further, we have used AirMagnet to test commercial locations such as warehouses for Wi-Fi and hand scanner use. Bar code scanners are old school and require a good signal in order to reliably scan bar codes inside racks throughout the warehouse.

AirMagnet Wi-Fi Testing, Planning and Post Install

The picture attached shows an example -66db of passing Wi-Fi signal produced by AirMagnet using a Meraki access point located in the hall. IHG requires a minimum -66db signal strength in all areas of the room. Passing signal is indicated by green and blue colorization. Non passing is indicated by yellow and brown colors on the site maps.
At existing Wi-Fi sites, AirMagnet shows the exact signal strength, leaving no doubt as to whether coverage exists. Using this methodology, we have enhanced existing deployments, bringing hotel sites up to current standards. While IHG was the first to set the standard nationally, its a valid standard to follow. While placement every 4 rooms may not be necessary using 802.11bgn, we have been able to provide excellent coverage substantiated by AirMagnet testing. The end result is improved guest reviews, a reduction of complaints and improved scores.