Exacq-Tyco Video Surveillance

Several years ago our customers asked us to upgrade and improve their video surveillance. Most businesses utilize traditional analog cameras, with coax cable, usually with a limitation of 16 ports and a small hard drive. In many cases many cameras don’t work and the DVR is full and has long stopped reguardview-exacq-axis-parking-elevators-in-outcording any new data.

With Tyco Exacq video products, we are able to utilize customers’ existing working cameras and cable plant, protecting their initial investments while upgrading and expanding with IP Cameras and large storage spaces (typically 8-50 Terabytes.) Replacing the legacy DVR with an enterprise server and analog to IP encoders, the system can be upgraded in a matter of a few hours.

Whether its a small system, combining systems, covering large properties or multiple properties under one set of screens, GISTEK’s Exacq Video Networks have met the security needs at many properties with reliable remote access via iPhones, Droids, and multi screen monitoring onsite or at remote management sites. 

Excellent Remote Access via iPhone or Droid


The attached is a simple example of a remote garage and stairwell view. Even over the local Verizon carrier connection you can easily see cars and people moving with low latency. With Wi-Fi connections, its near real time. Added features are quick pre set reviews for last 5 minutes, 30 minutes, etc.

Long Distances Now Covered

Up to recently, properties extending over several buildings or separated by large open areas and even streets needed to be on separate DVR systems. GISTEK has been integrating video surveillance over longer distances for a few years now, using point to point wireless technology, combined with IP cameras and encoders. We have successfully deployed this technology at apartment complexes, condominiums and RV parks. Our systems record and playback with minimal latency. In fact we’ve had customers say they couldn’t tell which cameras were hard wired vs. wireless connected.

In condo and apartment complexes separated by space, the systems work the same, displaying captured video back to the main office or remotely over an iPhone. The picture