Fiber Convert

Spectrum-Cox-Fiber Conversion -from Cable Modem

As bandwidth demands increase, many businesses and hotels are making the move to fiber connections. Most managers and owners are completely unprepared for the conversion, typically relying on the carriers’ DHCP service and usually plugging directly into the cable modem with many Cat5/6 connections, all on the same network.
Fiber gives you one single connection. At most hotels, the network connections are really multiple networks; typically back office, flag/reservations, video surveillance and in some cases also includes guest networks.
For proper fiber network deployment, the conversion is designed split the connections into multiple physical networks requiring planning, additional switches and routers, without taking any network connections down. We have successfully converted many properties with NO DOWNTIME. Depending on your current equipment, we quote most conversions in about 4 to 6 hours and be scheduled to meet you on conversion day.
Typical Equipment required includes a small Gig switch to connect from the single carrier fiber port to the different networks and routers which might be needed, one or more routers (or we can also provide a dual WAN router,) a managed switch for connections to back office devices, printers, etc. and in most cases a 500Watt battery backup.
Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by accepting a conversion without help, or using your existing IP address scope. Call us and we will tell you why and how it has been  successfully done at many properties. We can also relay horror stories of down time and lost business when it was not properly planned, or an attempt to use the same IP scope failed, causing lost revenue when systems went down and the Spectrum installer was unable to return the network to its former configuration.